Catch up
28th November 2015
The news has been overlooked for too long.

In 2014 I entered work into the Eastern Open Exhibition. The exhibition is jury selected and is for any artist using any medium who is based in the east of England. Of the 3 entered 2 were selected and I was very pleased that one was awarded a prize.

In 2015 I entered The Black and White Photographer of the Year competition. This is an international competition and has entries from every continent except Antarctica. I had one set selected as a finalist.
600mm lens - SOLD
12th April 2012
After a few issues at ebay the lens is sold
600mm f4 For Sale
07th March 2012
My lovely 600mm F4 AFS lens has got to go. It was being used 3 days year and that did warrant keeping it.
It is here Your text to link here...
Z3200 being set up.
05th September 2011
The Z3200 has arrived and is being set up. A number of new media are being assessed and profiles created. It is looking very good especially with the Harman Gloss FB AL.
HP Z3200 coming soon
08th August 2011
I will soon take delivery of an HPZ3200 24" printer. This 12 ink printer will allow the production of exhibition quality and commercial printing in house for my own and customers images.